In Praise of “Fascinating”!

“Messages that fail to fascinate will become irrelevant. It’s that simple.”

– Sally Hogshead

How the World Sees You blog photoFascinating! That is such an applicable word to describe the research-based work of Sally Hogshead and her Team Fascinate. How the World Sees You, first published during the summer of 2014, is just one of Sally’s products that helps you market yourself by communicating your Fascination Advantage®. What makes you different? How do you fascinate? How do you communicate when you are at your best? That’s what the Fascination Advantage® is all about.

I was first introduced to Sally and her work during the SHRM National Conference in Orlando, Florida. As attendees entered the room, we were asked to take the Fascination Advantage® assessment. The very short survey (accessible online via smart phone, tablet, or computer) produced a 16-page report describing a Primary Advantage (your most effective mode of communication), a Secondary Advantage (your second-highest mode of communication), and a Dormant Advantage (your mode of communication that is least likely to fascinate others). We learned that our Fascination Advantage® is expressed in the form of one of 49 Archetypes derived from your Primary and Secondary Advantages. And, from the sounds of the conversations in the room, the results were “spot on”.

I am a self-proclaimed “assessment junkie” so I was very willing to participate in Sally’s survey. The Fascination Advantage® is different from other assessments I use. The results turn “how I view the world” into “how the world views me”. What we learn from this assessment is that it is ok to be your authentic self and, in doing so, you project confidence and deliver value.

“You don’t have to change who you are, you have to become more of who you are.”

– Sally Hogshead

The Fascination Advantage® system has universal application to every person, regardless of position, industry, or experience.

1. It’s positive. No stigma is attached.

Your Archetype is a celebration of what you do best. There is no comparison of strengths versus weaknesses. There is no development of an action plan to tweak your behaviors that get in your way. The Fascination Advantage® focuses on your “wellspring” (energizers). Yes – you will learn about your “quicksand” (energy-drainers), but only as caution to minimize those activities that tend to bring you down.

2. It turns an elevator speech into a conversation.

We have all been schooled to prepare an elevator speech so we may easily respond to the “tell me what you do” or “tell me about yourself” requests. In response, we may recite, “I am a (insert position) with (insert company). I focus on (insert tasks, duties, responsibilities, etc.) Yawn!

Your personal anthem (personality tagline), based on your Fascination Advantage® Archetype, introduces an “elevator speech” that captures the interest of the listener. And it begins with just two words: an adjective describing your differentiator and a noun identifying what you do best.

So in response to the “tell me about yourself”, you can be clear on how the world does see you and the value you bring to others.

• I deliver “breakthrough solutions”.
• I deliver “guided clarity”.
• I deliver “relentless excellence”.

The above anthems generate a conversation. “Tell me more.” “How do you do this?” “What examples do you have?“ Your 30-second one-way data dump now becomes an interactive conversation that leads to a discussion of real pain points and how you may help others overcome that pain.

3. It is applicable to all parts of your personal and professional life.

As I have learned more about the Fascination Advantage® system and its component parts, I see how Archetype and personal brand influence positive results.

• Your professional persona: You now have the words to communicate your highest value – on your LinkedIn profile, your resume, or a job application. You can hone in on how you stand apart from the crowd and how you will use this differentiation to support your clients, customers, and organization.

• Your team makeup: What types of tasks need to be accomplished for this team to be successful? Are these wellspring energizers for you? Or quicksand drudgery? Who else on your team may be better suited to conduct certain tasks? The Fascination Advantage® helps ensure that each member of the team is doing the work at which they excel. The result is a truly engaged, high performing team.

• Your personal life: Do you have trouble sticking to an exercise regimen? Maybe the fitness plan you are trying to follow does not reflect your archetype? A small study conducted by members of the Fascination Laboratory Connection showed a correlation between exercise preference and Primary/Secondary Advantages. For example, people with the Passion Advantage engage in the relational side of exercise. So, solo walking would be more quicksand than wellspring for them. But assign a Passion person a regimen that includes group classes and personal interaction during exercise, then there is a chance of “sticking with the program.”

How would the knowledge of your Fascination Advantage® benefit you in your personal and professional life?

The Fascination Advantage® is all about differentiating yourself. At our best, we don’t need to morph to be like others.

“Different is better than better. Different doesn’t try to turn you into something else. Different allows you to highlight the singular traits you already have within you. You aren’t necessarily better than your competition. But you are already different.”

― Sally Hogshead

Why not take the Fascination Advantage® assessment to see how the world sees you at your best? Click on the link below for access.

The Fascination Advantage® Assessment and the 16-page Report

After you have completed the assessment, please come back and share your Archetype in the Comments section. Can’t wait to see “how the world sees you … at your best!”


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2 Comments on “In Praise of “Fascinating”!”

  1. Very interesting, Susan. I celebrate whatever confirms that we can each be our authentic self. For me, living into that authentic self is a life-long endeavor!

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